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Dr. Shagets specializes in Otolaryngology, treatments of the ear, nose and throat including
sinus, head and neck surgery and in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, caring for 
individuals who desire changes and improvements in their appearance as well as those requiring
treatment of facial skin cancer. We are pleased that you have chosen to consult with Dr. Shagets
concerning cosmetic procedures of the face and neck. He offers both surgical and non-surgical
treatments. It is our desire to provide you with high quality state of the art medical care in
a compassionate, efficient, and cost effective manner.

If you choose to schedule a consultation, Dr Shagets will listen to your concerns
and explain to you the treatment alternatives that are available for your individual care.
He will outline the surgical facilities available, the appropriate types of anesthesia,
and the fees for each procedure.

Dr. Shagets and his staff will focus on you and spend as much time as needed to ensure that
you understand your treatment options. Our staff is dedicated to serving you and helping
you to achieve the best possible results.

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